Cloud Hosting Performance

Live performance data (CPU, memory and disk) for the last 48 hours for servers running in selected clouds worldwide:

Amazon EC2 US East (N. Virginia)
Amazon EC2 EU (Ireland)
Amazon EC2 US Amazon EC2 EU
Amazon EC2 US West (California)
OpSource Cloud
Softlayer Server Softlayer Server
GoGrid Cloud Server NewServers
GoGrid Cloud Server NewServers

Cloud CDN and Storage Performance

Request times for selected cloud-based CDN services and Amazon S3 file storage service for the last 48 hours.

CloudFiles, CloudFront, CloudLayer CDN Amazon S3
CloudFiles and CloudFront Amazon S3

How To Read The Graphs

The graphs on this page show a first performance overview for the sites we monitor for the last 48 hours. Please click the graphs for more data and for detailed descriptions.